05 Oct

Many people who are used to operating as employees or self-employed are sometimes worried about trading via a company, such as an LLC. 

In fact, trading as a company is really easy and has the benefits of a more organised way to conduct business.

Here are the tools we recommend for trading as a company:

Xero - we recommend creating an account with Xero (www.xero.com). Xero is a modern, award-winning accounting software. 

After creating an account, you could create invoices and send them to your clients.

Wise - Wise (previously Transferwise) offers bank-like and currency conversion services. Wise could be linked to Xero as a bank account (each currency is a separate account).

Dext - Dext simplifies and automates the process of converting paper receipts into bills that can later easily be reported as expenses. Dext can be linked to Xero as well.

That's it! This is all you need to run a successful business via a company!

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