23 Jun

Fresh Portugal is launching an an ambassador program and we are starting pre registration for our first ambassadors.

Why do we need an ambassador program?

Since expanding our tax activities to Portugal and focusing on expats, we have been advising approximately 10 people who are either planning to move to Portugal or have already moved every week.

We are the only tax lawyers with presence in Portugal, the US and the UK. Quality tax advice in Portugal is in such a shortage that tax advisors are on the list of high value NHR profession and Pedro and I are shocked on a daily basis by the bad advice that people get from accountants, friends and FB group, advice that often costs them up to half of their income.

Who can be an ambassador? 

An ambassador is anyone who is in regular contact with people (and companies) coming to Portugal or are already in Portugal and can make them aware of our high quality tax services.

Who should become an ambassador?

Anyone who likes to help people move to Portugal. 

What are the benefits?

After making successful (paid) referrals, ambassadors get:

- 40% discount on all legal/tax services from us.

- An invitation to a yearly VIP dinner in Lisbon

- A 10% commission on the 1st year income of referred clients (from 2,000 euros paid by clients onwards) 

Where do I register?



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