One of our most popular services is helping expats file their annual tax returns. We are often approached by expats who have been consulting high street accountants and received conflicting information. The tax return form is confusing but is easy for a local accountant to fill. The challenge is in the classification of income. Our tax return service is the only service designed specifically for dealing with taxes of expats under the NHR scheme, covering also taxes that do not fall under that scheme. It incorporates our interpretation of the most recent case law and dealing with common income streams of foreigners. Our most common tax return and is meant for people with income streams that include income from work, profits, pension and investments. Who needs to file a tax return? You need to file a tax return if you were a tax resident in Portugal during 2023. You also need to file a tax return if you were not a tax resident but had income in Portugal (such as from a Property in Portugal). How much does it cost? In 2020, the cost of our tax return service started at 400 Euros and had gradually risen throughout the tax season to 700 Euros. This includes a return for an individual or a couple filing together. It covers almost any return, apart from returns with large amounts of capital gains transactions where we need to charge a bit more. If you book now, you can have the secure price of 500 Euros + IVA, 50 payable now and the remainder early in January 2024. What does it include? This service covers 95% of standard tax returns in Portugal. In very special cases where the returns are very complex, such as in the event of multiple capital gains/crypto transactions, we may need to depart from the standard fix fee, but we will give you ample notification of that.


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50 Euros are not the entire price of this service. This is a booking fee to secure the return at a 500 Euro price. The remaining 450 + IVA are due in January 2024.