One of our most popular services is helping expats file their annual tax returns. For the tax year 2023, we will offer for the first time an integrated tax return service - filing in both the US and Portugal under the same roof. Our tax return service is the only service designed specifically for dealing with taxes of expats. This includes utilizing the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion in the US and the NHR in Portugal. We are also covering also taxes that do not fall under that scheme. It incorporates our interpretation of the most recent case law and dealing with common income streams of expats. Our most common tax return and is meant for people with income streams that include income from work, profits, pension and investments. How much does it cost? Our early bird is now fully booked but we are still offering an introductory price of 1200 Euros + IVA for both tax returns. You can secure it by paying 75 Euros now and the remainder early in 2024. As this is the first year we offer this package, we expect to stop taking new bookings well ahead of the tax season. What does it include? Please read our tax return service description on the website. This service includes approximately 95% of personal tax returns in the US and Portugal. In special cases of very complex income in the case of the US (for example, foreign companies with additional reporting requirements) or Portugal (for example, a large number of capital gains transactions or crypto transactions), we may have to depart from our fix fee cost. The service also includes FBAR filing, but it does not include filing tax returns for businesses if such are needed (such as LLCs that you own) or state tax returns. Tax returns include a call to review the income streams but it does not include tax planning consultation.


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75 Euros are not the entire price of this service. This is a booking fee to secure the return at a 1200 Euro price. The remaining 1125 + IVA are due in January 2024.