Zeev Fisher

Lawyer (England & Wales, Israel)

Zeev is an IP and tax lawyer, qualified in the UK, Ireland and Israel, a partner in the US offices of FRESH and an angel investor. His legal practice focuses on cross border aspects of ambitious international businesses.

Tito Barros Caldeira

Tax and legal advisor

Tito is a senior Portuguese tax advisor. He started his career in PWC, moving to KPMG and a senior position at Baker Tilly Portugal. He is a tax arbitrator and an expert in tax planning and tax litigation.

Dirk Cluckers

Tax advisor (Belgium)

Dirk is a seasoned tax advisor who started his career working for IBM, later moving to private practice. He has over 20 years of experience dealing with international taxation. He lives in Portugal and advising expats in Portugal on cross-border tax matters.

Magda Feliciano

Lawyer (Portugal)

With approximately 20 years of experience as a senior tax lawyer in Portugal, Magda supports the Fresh team with a strong view on Portuguese taxes. Magda also resides in the Portuguese tax arbitration court as an arbitrator, giving her strong insights on the decision-making process of the authorities.

Rebecca Castro

Lawyer (Portugal and Brazil)

With over 7 years of experience spanning work in the United States, India, Brazil and Portugal, Rebecca adds a further international dimension to Fresh. As a tax lawyer, she focuses her practice on contentious proceedings versus the authorities, including civil and criminal tax proceedings

Pedro Abreu

Tax Lawyer (Portugal & Brazil)

Pedro is a specialized lawyer with a master's degree in tax law and with an accumulated experience of 6 years between works in Portugal and Brazil. In addition to his refined knowledge in the tax area, Pedro's previous experience in the public sector gives him a unique view of the legal aspects of taxation. Pedro's work at Fresh will be directly focused on the development and structuring of tax consulting strategies and administrative and tax litigation.