PERSONAL TAX PLAN: if you want a comprehensive written report on optimising taxation

Tax planning provides better Return on Investment than any $€ spent on anything else. It is the single best thing a person can do for themselves and their families to create wealth. 

A tax plan, designed individually, to optimise tax 

Tax planning is also like a suit and an insurance policy

It is like a suit because no two people are alike and it must be tailored to the specific individual, taking into account dozens of factors. 

It is like an insurance policy because it must be done early. Late tax planning is ineffective and could get people in trouble.

What is the difference between a tax plan and a consultation?

We continue to offer short consultations (book here: These consultations are an extremely effective way to understand taxation in Portugal and cover the basics of tax planning. 

Tax consultations have a tax planning aspect in the sense that we can advise you on the best way to structure your income based on our past experience and similar case.

The main difference between a consultation and an individual tax plan, in addition to having more time and receiving the plan in writing is that a tax plan includes us putting our thinking hats on, looking at your income in a creative way and figuring our unique ways to structure your income. Tax planning is more of an art than a science and it often requires a level of creativity. 

For people who already know that they want an action plan, we recommend skipping the consultation and moving straight towards tax planning.

About the planners

Tax planning always includes at least two tax lawyers considering your matters - one licensed in Portugal (normally Pedro Abreu or Rebecca Castro) and another one licensed in another country. These would normally be either Zeev Fisher, the founding partner of both Fresh global (20+ lawyers in the US & UK) and Fresh Portugal (5 Portuguese tax lawyer, tax accountant, 2 global tax lawyers) and a solicitor licensed in the UK, Ireland and Israel, or Bryan Rathgeber, an experienced tax lawyer licensed in Texas, US.

Both have extensive experience in international taxation. Zeev is widely recognised as one of the leading international tax experts currently living in Portugal and have been featured by news outlets and is being interviewed by nearly any expat influence group in Portugal on a regular basis.

We combine international experience and multi-national perspective with the secret sauce of successful tax planning - creativity - to create carefully crafted, tailored and brilliant tax plans, adapted individually for maximum tax savings and maximum safety.

What can you expect?

You can expect to walk out with a clear written plan and a clear idea how to go about your taxes when moving from another country to Portugal. We cover cross-border elements alongside colleagues qualified in Portugal who cover Portugal law.

How much does it cost?

Tax planning is a tailored service and prices can vary. It is rarely less than 1500 Euros and can be as much as a few thousands. During tax season (April to June), the price is normally on the higher end. 

It includes a learning phase with a review of your personal circumstances, a planning phase and a clear written summary of actionable steps for you to take. The plan will guide you towards the most efficient legal outcome.

What will it save me in taxes?

The vast majority of our clients will save the cost of consultation after the first or second month of being in Portugal. 

You are paying for unusual knowledge that nearly no-one has and that can give you an unfair advantage for a period of at least 10 years.

What does it not include?

The personal tax plan is meant for personal taxation of an individual or a couple. 

It does not cover: 

- Group corporate tax planning (but advising on incorporating companies as part of individual planning is covered) 

- Immigration matters (but we often touch on immigration and identify potential issues/overlaps with taxation).

- Other non-tax matters (but we are very happy to give general advice about coming to Portugal or make referals to professionals we know).

What about implementing the plan?

We believe that the best actions start with planning and that planning. However, once the plan is ready, we are happy to help you implement it. This is a separate service for a separate fee.

How to book?

Tax plans are a tailored service. Please send an email with details of your income and we will revert with a proposal.